Squadron Aircraft Insignia

In World War I, the Sopwith Camels of 151 Squadron were identified by a horizontal white band along the side of the fuselage at mid-roundel level.

When the Squadron was reformed in 1936 with Gloster Gauntlets, the insignia was a black bar with a light blue bar above and below it along the side of the fuselage and across the upper wing.

In 1938, the aircraft were camouflaged and the code letters GG were carried instead. At the ourbreak of World War II the code letters were changed to DZ, and these were retained until 1946.

From 1951 to 1961, the Squadron's official markings consisted of the St Andrews cross outlined in black each side of the RAF roundel on the tail booms of the Vampires and Venoms, and on the fuselage of the Meteors. This was later modified to one St Andrews cross on the fin of the aircraft.